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Independent Directorate of Local Governance

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) is the governmental organization responsible for subnational governance in Afghanistan. IDLG incorporates the Offices of Provincial Governors, the Offices of District Governors and Municipalities in its administrative structures, plays a key role in the appointment of Governors and provides assistance and capacity building to Provincial Councils. IDLG is also responsible for the overall programme of subnational government reform in Afghanistan.
Since its creation, IDLG has launched a Strategic Work Plan, A Strategic Framework and subnational governance programmes with a combined value of nearly $750m. It has also led the government of Afghanistan through the process of formulating the country’s first Subnational Governance Policy, which was before the Council of Ministers at the time of writing. In order to support the implementation of its strategic plans, its programmes and, if approved, the subnational governance policy, IDLG is launching a major programme of capacity development for its Finance and Administration department, starting with its Human Resources Function. IDLG is being assisted in this progamme by a new Afghan government programme, the Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP).
CTAP aims to create stronger government institutions with more effective structures, efficient processes and skilled personnel. It will enable line ministries to design and implement programmes that will increase their capacity to achieve their ANDS goals, supported by teams of Technical Assistance staff with strong experience in improving the performance of government. The entire process, including strategy development, deployment and programme management, will be demand-driven and Afghan-led.
The capacity building programmes supported by CTAP will help government agencies to make their permanent structures, processes and personnel more effective. As a result, these agencies will be better able to improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan. In the long term, the capacity development process will also allow government to use its permanent staff to carry out more of the work that is currently being undertaken by external technical assistance providers. CTAP will work closely with other capacity development initiatives to achieve these results, and will ensure that best practices in capacity development are applied throughout.
CTAP is an Afghan-led government institution whose clients are the ministries, commissions and directorates of the government. It is funded from the treasury, under a budget support arrangement with donors.
On behalf of IDLG, CTAP is now seeking to fill the position of Capacity Building Specialist to work in IDLG, under the management of IDLG’s Director of Human Resources. This position is open to international passport holders: Afghan expatriates and nationals of regional countries are especially encouraged to apply.
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